About Us

The Palermo Church has served the Town of Palermo and surrounding areas for the past 50 years. We are a partner in the Lake Effect Cooperative Ministries. We host several community events through out the year. We are home to the G.R.A.C.E. (Growing Relationships Acquiring Community Education) which host an array of community classes. Our Second Chance shop is located on our lower floor and is open Saturdays 10 AM to 2 PM. We have our famous chicken and biscuit dinners in the Fall and Spring time. We are home to a Trail Life USA Troop and an American Heritage Girls Troop.

On July 1, 1966 Bishop Ward announced that the Vermillion, Clifford and Upson's Corners churches would be closed and the buildings offered for sale. Peats Corners Church had already merged with Upson's Corners. By the time the new church buildings plans were drawn up, the present site had been purchased and work started at once. Countless people volunteered their time and talents to do the labor needed to achieve the goal set before them. It was decided to keep the Upson's Corners church open for worship services until the new church was completed.

Mr. Jack Lehtonen, a mason by trade, was named contractor and Mr. Lee Loomis, his assistant. Proud of their past and confident of their future, members joined in Christian unity, and agreed upon the name of Palermo Methodist Church. The reverend James Spear served as the first pastor.

On June 2, 1968 the church was officially opened for worship services. It was a proud day for the entire community. Rev. Allan G. Dickenson joined us in 1969, Rev. Gerald Schlernitzaeur in 1971, Rev. Robert Bromfield in 1978, Rev. Gordon Shea in 1982, Rev. Allan J. Ferguson in 1987, Rev. Krystol Markowski in 1992, Rev. Richard Sivers in 1993, Rev. Charles Marks in 1996, and our present pastor, Rev. Tammie Chawgo-Nipper in 2005.